What’s a direct cremation

Funeral costs are rising much faster than the cost of living.
In response, direct cremation offers a simple, flexible and more affordable funeral option.

Unlike traditional funerals, a direct cremation does not include a service on the day. It is an increasingly popular choice for people who want a very simple option, either due to preference or cost.
Mark's Story
"Mark’s partner Sally died in the hospice. She had been cared for there for some time. They had discussed her funeral arrangements and were keen to have an event which was a celebration of her life, not mourning her death. They didn’t want a funeral service, and so opted for a direct cremation.
A funeral director collected Sally’s body from the hospice and took her to their premises until the day of the cremation. She was taken to the crematorium by the funeral director and the cremation took place without a service. Mark collected her ashes and these were central at a gathering of family and friends held in the couple’s garden in remembrance of Sally."


What's included?

A direct cremation generally includes:
  • Funeral director’s time and overheads - known as “professional fees”
  • Storage of the body
  • Simple coffin
  • Transport of the body to the crematorium
  • Crematorium fee
  • Doctors’ fees
  • Return of ashes (may be a small additional cost)
What does it cost?

£999 - £1600
Prices vary depending on the funeral director's professional fees and the costs of the relevant crematorium.
What next?

I like this option

  • See more details bout planning and discussing your wishes at Down to Earth
  • Google “direct cremation” to check out more details.
  • Ask a few local funeral directors if they provide direct cremations and the cost. Check to see if you have a funeral director signed to the Fair Funerals pledge in your area.
  • Make this choice clear by writing out your funeral wishes, and let your family and friends know.
I want more options

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